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Does Newline RS+ have an internal microphone?

Hello, I just started using the Newline RS+ yesterday in my classroom.  Training is not available for over a month, so I'm learning on the fly.  I figured out how to use Broadcast to show my screen to students at home, but I can't figure out how to get the sound to come through.  Is there an internal microphone?  Or is there one in the camera that comes with the system?  Or do you need an external mic?  Thanks!

Hello Melissa,

Newline Broadcast currently does not support transmitting audio. This is on a future roadmap with no ETA at the moment.

The RS+ does not have an internal microphone. Most webcams have internal microphones, however a camera is not included with the RS+ by default (however one can be optionally purchased with it). External USB microphones are also supported by the RS+.

Thank you for your response.  If we purchased the optional camera, does it have a microphone?  If so, how do I activate the microphone?

What is the model of the camera? There are a few different models that can be purchased through us.

The microphone is automatically active and the app or software must support the microphone for it to function.

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