DV - Cabinet, LED Module, and Hub Board Overview

A backboard of a DV series panel consist of a Cabinet, Module, and Hub Board.

Key Words

A: Cabinet

B: Module

C: Hub Board 

  • Each column represents a cabinet (A) which includes multiple hub board (C)
  • A hub board consist of 8 modules (B)
  • The above diagram represents a 150 inch DV series panel which has a total of 5 cabinets per 5 hub boards which equates to 25 hub boards
  • With 8 modules per hub board, the overall count of modules is 200
  • This calculation is based on 5 cabinets by 5 hub boards by 8 modules resulting in 200 modules (5x5x8=200)

Base on the information above, here is the table.

SizeCabinet QTYHub Board QTYModule QTY
120 inch416128
150 inch525200
180 inch636288

Please check attached for a diagram of a backboard that does not include the modules.

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