Newline Cast - I have a 10-Digit Session ID on My Home Screen. Why Can I Not Get a 6-Digit session ID?

A 10-digit session ID is shown when Local connections only is enabled on the Newline cast app on the panel.

This can be found in the following:

1. Open the Newline Cast app on the panel.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Security.

4. Select the toggle for Local connection only. 

  • If enabled, the app will show a 10 digit code
  • If disabled, the app will show a 6 digit code

If Local connection only is disabled but the app continues to show a 6 digit code, the Newline cast software on the panel cannot communicate with the cloud server. 

  • This could be due to no internet connection being available or a security restriction on the network. Please refer to our network security guide for firewall requirements.
  • Also, please ensure the date and time is correct on the panel.

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