Issue: Touch screen not functioning as expected when connected to a macOS-based computer 

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The steps below will guide you through setting up your Mac for touch with your Newline display. Before proceeding, ensure your Mac is connected to your Newline display's USB touch port (use a USB-C to USB-A adapter if your Mac does not have a USB type A port), and that the Mac multi touch driver has been installed. Click the following link for installation instructions if the driver has not been installed yet:

Mac multi touch driver

On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

Click the Privacy button, then scroll down and click Accessibility:

Click the lock in the bottom left. Enter your password, then click Unlock:

Check the box for "NewlineTouchDriver", then click the lock in the bottom left:

In the macOS display settings, select the Newline display for "Optimize for:".

On the Newline display, tap or click the touch icon in the Apple menu bar and select Calibration:

If you do not see the touch icon, launch the Newline Touch Driver application from your Mac's Applications folder.

The screen below will show on the Newline display after selecting Calibration. Using your finger, press and hold on each crosshair to perform the calibration process. A total of five crosshairs will show, one after another. When you're finished, the calibration screen will automatically close.

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