Newline Cast - The App is Asking for an Installer Code

The Newline cast license key is built into the panel and will auto activate once the panel connects to a network.

There is no need to type a license key or installer code into the field.

In the event the app refuses to activate the key, please check the following. Close the Newline Cast through the App Switcher icon in the toolbar after performing each step to ensure the application can establish a new connection.

  1. Ensure there is an active internet connection on the panel.
  2. Check if the date and time is correct on the panel. An incorrect year can prevent the app from activating the built-in license key.
  3. Connect the panel to a different network.
  4. Connect the panel to a mobile hotspot, such as one from a cell phone.

If this a wide spread issue with all your panels, it means your internal network is blocking the app from reaching out to the activation server. Please adjust your network filtering based on the network requirement sheet.

See below for the messages that will be displayed when Newline Cast is unable to activate.

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