Newline Cast - How to Cast From Web

Newline Cast supports a number of ways to share your screen without the need for an app. One of these ways is using a Chrome browser.  

1. Go to

2. Enter the session ID shown on the Newline Cast home screen.

3. Enter your name.

4. Press Connect.

5. If you are the first person to connect, press Share my screen.

6. Choose to select your entire window or an application window.

7. Share your screen.




Changing the resolution 

Before presenting, you can choose the quality of your stream with 3 choices available:

1. 720p: Faster, more stable performance.

2. 1080p: High quality, can slow performance.

3. High Frame rate: Produces higher frames per second on capable devices

If there is major lag, please reduce the quality of your stream.


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