Zoom can now officially work with models from the 18RS series and up.

(In order for Zoom to work, the RS+ series has to be on firmware V1.5.6 while the RS series is V1.5.5)

1. To check the current firmware version of your panel, please access the settings of the panel.
2. Click System or About.
3. Please check the 3 numbers after V under the firmware version to locate the information.

If your panel is not up to date, please go into Settings and click Update.

Zoom Installation File

1. Download and add the Zoom APK file to a USB thumb drive that has been formatted to FAT32.
2. Insert the thumb drive into the very left USB 2.0 located on the front of the panel.
3. On the homepage of the panel, click File Viewer.
4. Select USB storage and click on the Zoom APK file.
5. Under the message, "For your security, your TV is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source", click Settings.
6. Move the slider to the right next to Allow from this source.
7. Click the back button next to Install other apps.
8. Click Install and then Done.

To view the application, please click Gadgets on the homepage of the panel.

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