Tips for updating your Newline OPS - A Modular Windows Computer

Please view the article below for tips on updating your OPS Windows computer

Do not turn off the panel when the onboard computer is performing a Windows update. 

Like any computer, interrupting a Window update can corrupt the hard drive and generally cause issues.

Please wait until the update reaches 100% and fully reboots into the Windows desktop.

Helpful tips:

  • There are optional updates that are also hidden with the Windows update menu on both Windows 10 and 11. These are often for drivers which can cause some unintended issues with your device should they become outdated. The menu will appear as below and you will need to tap "Advanced Options" in Windows 11. (For windows 10 see below)
  • For Windows 10 optional updates please follow these steps 
    1. Open the "Start" menu  
    2. Locate and Open "Settings" 
    3. Click on "Update & Security" 
    4. Click on "Windows Update" 
    5. Then view all optional updates; Select and download the drivers and updates you may need
  • *Please verify with your IT team that you have permission to do so before running updates*

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