Presenting the STV Series, Newline’s pioneering Pro Series TV tailored for Education. Featuring a suite of preloaded apps, including essential productivity tools, the STV ensures instantaneous access to a wealth of educational and informational resources. The Ultra Bright 4K Display breathes vitality into academic content with unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors, delivering a cinematic and immersive viewing experience tailored for higher learning. 

The Ultra Thin Bezel adds a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, optimizing screen real estate to keep focus unwaveringly on the enriching content displayed on the brilliant screen. Available in sizes ranging from 43” to 98”, the STV seamlessly integrates into any space in your school, adapting to diverse functions and requirements. 

Unlock the potential of communication on your classroom with Digital Signage Compatibility through Newline VCS, transforming the STV into a dynamic and effective communication tool. Whether showcasing announcements, advertisements, or informational content, the STV proves to be a versatile and indispensable asset across all educational spaces. Elevate the educational experience with the STV Series, combining smart features with academic excellence.

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STV 43 Dimensional Drawing
STV 55 Dimensional Drawing
STV 65 Dimensional Drawing
STV 75 Dimensional Drawing
STV 85 Dimensional Drawing
STV 98 Dimensional Drawing

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