Issue: No Touch Using a Mac

1. Check and ensure there is a USB cable connected from the computer to the panel.

    For Macs, we recommend a 6ft or less USB cable.

2. For a rundown of the proper connection, please click here.

3. If you need to use an adapter, we recommend an official adapter from Apple, such as this one.

4. Macs will require a touch driver to be installed on the computer (not applicable to Q and Z series). Click here to download the driver if it's not installed on your Mac.

5. Please make sure the Newline Touch Driver is allowed access to control your computer.

Helpful tips:

  • Restart the panel and the computer
  • Check if the cables are loose. Reconnect the USB cable between the panel and the computer
  • Ensure you only have one touch driver installed on the Mac. Having multiple Mac drivers will cause the drivers to interfere with each other thus causing a loss of interactivity
  • Insert the USB cable into a different port on the computer
  • Insert the USB cable and video cable into a different set of ports on the panel
  • Test with a different computer to determine if the issue carries over
  • Replace the USB cable
  • If you are using a USB adapter or extender, change out the adapter/extender and test touch
  • If you have an RS series, you may need to update the touch sensors to enable the interactivity. Please contact support for further directions using the contact info below.

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