Issue: No sound from Display Speakers Using the On-Board Computer

1. On your Windows taskbar, right click on the audio icon.

2. Click Sounds.

3. Navigate to the Playback tab.

4. Depending on the display model, select Mstar Demo, Newline Disp, HHT Display, Newline, or IFP Display and then click Set Default.

5. Click Apply and Ok.

6. Test sound.

Helpful tips: 

  • Increase volume on both the screen and the Windows system
  • Check whether the screen and the Windows system are muted
  • If the driver is not listed under Playback tab, or the sound icon in the system tray has a red and white X, identify the computer model and download the Intel graphics and display audio drivers using the table below. To determine your model, locate the identifying white sticker on the computer.

OPS Model
Sound Drivers
WB5051 & WB5072
XJ-0581 & XJ-0781
S044P511, S044P521, S044P621, S044P722, S044P822, S044P832, S044V732
WB5W810W, WB7W820W, WB7W120W
WB5A810W, WB5B810W, WB7B820W, WB7B120W


1. Click link and perform a direct download to download the drivers on your computer.

2. After download, locate the file in your downloads folder and extract the zipped file.

3. Open the folder and click Setup.exe to run the default setup (some driver packages will have igxpin.exe or Installer.exe instead of Setup.exe)

4. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Further tips and verification that the drivers installed correctly. 

Once these steps have been performed, please verify within device manager that you have:

1."Newline (Intel(R) Display Audio)" under "Audio inputs and outputs"

2."Intel(R) Display Audio" under "Sound, video and game controllers"

To get to device manager in your Windows search bar type in "Device Manager" click on it to open and look through the options to find these selections.  

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