Newline Cast - How to Cast From Android Phone or Tablet

Newline Cast comes with a dedicated app for Android and enables mirroring across different networks.

1. Download and open the DisplayNote Android app from Google Play Store.

2. Enter the Session ID.

3. Enter your name.

4. Press Connect.

5. If you are the first person to connect , tap the present button

6. You now have two options: Share your screen and Present a video from your phone gallery




Share your screen 

  1. Choose share my screen 
  2. Allow android to start casting
  3. Press 'Start now

Present a video 

  1. Tap Present  a video
  2. Choose a video from your gallery 
  3. Once uploaded. tap 'Present video 
  4. Your video will play on the main display
  5. Press stop presenting to end the video stream



To mirror your Android screen, you will need DisplayNote app running on an Android phone version 5+ and connected to a live Montage session. 

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