How to Connect X10D

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  1. For power, connect the power cord from the X10D to an outlet.
  2. For a video feed, connect an HDMI cable from the X10D to the panel.
  3. For touch, connect a USB cable from the X10D to the panel.
  4. On the X10D, connect the USB cable to the port called USB. 
    • Do not plug it into the port called USB/OTG.
  5. On the panel, ensure the 2 cables are connected to the correct ports.
    • HDMI to the HDMI port.
    • USB cable to Touch Port.
    • The 2 cables must be paired with the same ports on the panel. As an example, if you connect an HDMI cable to HDMI 3, the USB cable must be connected to Touch Port 3.

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