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Share Your Screen on Display

This message "share your screen" with the session ID and pin, appear on my board.  But I want only ME to know this info. 

I don't want that info SHOWN on screen for the class to see it.  Else their sharing THEIR screens.

How can I hide that info from the display ?

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HI Christopher,

Unfortunately you can not hide the session ID and pin from the board. 

However, it appears your main concern is students being able to share their screen without authorization.

There is a moderator mode on Newline Cast. This will allow you to choose which students can share their screen on the panel. Enabling this feature will prevent students from connecting to the board without your consent.

1. Open the Screen sharing app on the panel.

2. Click the settings button on the bottom left corner.

3. Select the Moderator tab and enable it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

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