How to Customize Home Screen Shortcuts  

Below is an article on how to customize your Q series home screen shortcuts. Including how to change the name or functions of each icon.

Please follow the guide below to customize the home screen shortcuts and the names. 

  1. Go to the home screen of your Q series, where the six icons are visible. The six icons by defaults are OPS, Browser, Whiteboard, File Viewer, Apps, and Screen Sharing. 
  2. From the home screen, press on an icon for three to five seconds. A screen will appear as seen below. 
  3. Of the options in the sub-menu that appear, two of them are choices to change for those six icons. The two options are "Sources" and "Apps". You can change any of the six icons into any of the seven source options that are listed. As for the apps, this section will allow you to change any icon to select pre-installed apps on the panel.
  4. To change the name of the new shortcut, click into the text box. A prompt will appear (as seen below). Enter the new name into this text box and click the "Enter" icon. As an example, the "Enter" icon is circled below. Please verify that the name change took place. 
  5. Below is an example of what the successful changes look like. 
  6. The other option in the sub-menu is "Settings" in this menu there is "Lock", "Import", "Export", "Reset" and "Preview"
  7. The function of these settings are as follows: 
    • Lock: Will lock the icon in place unless the profile password is entered 
    • Import: Will import a previous exported home screen layout to a flash drive 
    • Export: Will export the current home screen layout to a flash drive
    • Reset: Will reset home screen to default
    • Preview: Will enable or disable the source preview to the right of the icons
  8. The "+ Add" option under the six icons will give you the option to add any installed apps below those six icons. 

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