NDM - Inconsistency in Ability to "Remote" into Devices

Some users may experience an inconsistency when trying to remote into their devices, below are recommendations and best practices when trying to remote into a device via Newline Display Management. 

  • Check the "Account settings" within your portal. This is accessed through the gear icon on the left of the management console page. Verify the toggle for "Require users permission for remote control" is in the off position:
  • Verify that you have an active internet connection on both the panel and the device you are trying to remote in from.
  • Please verify that there are no updates available to your panel via the system or about the menu and tap update (even if this says no update available, there still may be one please reference this article to verify your panel is on the right firmware)
  • If remote access is unavailable, check that the Newline Display Management agent is online for the panels that are having remote access issues:
    • Log into your NDM+ console and go to the Devices page
    • In the top right, click the plug (It will read "Who is online?" when you place your cursor over it)
    • If you are showing the OS column, the Android symbol will light up for panels that are online. It will be gray for panels that are offline. You can also check the "Last seen" column and compare it against the current date and time.

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