Updating or Installing Apps via NDM

Below is a breakdown of how to install or update Apps on your Newline Panel. NDM has the ability to install or update compatible apps remotely. The article below will help break down the process of how to push out an application via a repository action.

  1. Open up your browser
  2. Navigate to and download the APK you wish to install on the panels
  3. Navigate to your Newline Display Management Portal at "Newline Device Management (glbth.com)
  4. Log in to your Newline Display Management Dashboard 
  5. Navigate to the panel you wish to update (or select several at a time, depending on needs) 
  6. From the toolbar on the right locate and click "Repository Actions" 
  7. This will prompt a drop-down menu to appear, select "Install Packages" 
  8. Select “Add New”
  9. Under “Select Upload Method,” choose “Upload File”
  10. Select your previously downloaded APK file from your computer 
  11. Fill in the Package Title and Version Number (at the end of the APK)
  12. Select Confirm
  13. Choose the package you just created and select “Apply.”

Below is a quick video following the steps above to help show the process of pushing an update or a new application to your panel. 

Helpful tips:

Installing and updating will follow the same process. 

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