Issue: No sound when playing a video from a digital media player connected through HDMI, such as an Apple TV or Roku

Change the audio output on the media player either to a "PCM" variant, Stereo, or disable surround sound audio. The exact setting will vary depending on your device and the application you're using to stream media. Several examples are provided below.

Apple TV:

  • From the Apple TV home screen, select Settings.
  • Select Audio & Video.
  • Select Dolby.
  • Select Off to disable Dolby.

Android-based media players (TiVo, Amazon Fire TV):

  • For Netflix, change the Netflix app audio options from surround sound to Stereo.
  • Check in the device's settings if anything may be causing it to default to 5.1 audio.


Additional information below from Netflix may be useful.

Helpful tips:

  • Ensure the volume on the panel is not on mute.
  • Check if the cables are loose. Reconnect the HDMI cable between the panel and the media player.
  • Swap the HDMI cable to eliminate a faulty cable, if it's not integrated with the device.
  • Test with a different device such as a computer to determine if the panel's audio is functional.

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