To change the way Windows update the Operating System (Windows 10) via Group Policy we are going to make sure we have Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home will not have the option to reschedule the Updates via Group Policy, since it does not have Group Policy installed, it is a feature present only on Windows 10 or 11 Pro.

All Newline onboard computers have Windows 10 or 11 Pro installed.

  1. At the bottom left of our Windows Taskbar, please type gpedit and we will see the option Edit group policy

  2. Select Administrative Templates

  3. Double-click Windows Component

  4. Scroll down to Windows Updates

  5. Look for Configure Automatic Updates.

  6. A new window will pop up and on the left side you are going to have the 3 options 
    • "Not Configured" 
    • "Enabled 
    • "Disabled"
      • Please select "Enabled" as shown in the picture. Under "Configure automatic updating:" There are several options from the drop-down menu, for this example, we are going to choose "4= Automatically download updates and install them on the schedule specified below". Please feel free to read the "Help:" section on the right of your window to see which option fits best for you. 

  8. Please select the Day and Time for our scheduled "Download and Install". For this example, Every Tuesday at 6:00 PM (18:00 hrs). Please note that the time will always display in "Military" or "24hrs" format.
  9. Finally, please verify that the hours are how often you would like the "Windows Updates" to run on your computer, scroll down until you see the option to change the occurrence of this task, in this example, I have selected to run every Tuesday of the first week of the month.

  10. At this point, you have configured and scheduled how Windows 10 or 11 Pro runs Windows Updates.

For additional information, please see the following links from Microsoft:

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